MQTT is a machine-to-machine (M2M)/”Internet of Things” connectivity protocol. It was designed as an extremely lightweight publish/subscribe messaging transport.

MiCOVID CAM uses MQTT to publish device messages when a MiCOVID CAM is triggered from a temperature scan. The MQTT message delivers a JSON string containing data elements captured at the time of device use.

The MiCOVID Cam API can also perform a direct data dump into databases on the AWS, Azure or Google IoT platforms. 

System Integrators, will Subscribe to the MQTT API. They will require a security token, channel ID, username and password to begin their development efforts – along with their specific device IDs. From there the sky is the limits to what the MiCOVID CAM can offer your application development. Here are some ideas…

  • Temperature Validation
  • User Profile Verification
  • Facial Recognition
  • Employee Arrival Time Verification
  • Student Pick Up/Attendance Tracking
  • Alert Notifications
camidCamera Identification Name or NumberCamera Profile
device.nameMQTT Device NameMQTT Channel
channel.idID of the MQTT ChannelMQTT Channel
devidDevice ID that sent a messageMQTT Channel
devmacMAC AddressCamera Profile
devnameDevice NameCamera
devnoDevice LabelCamera
server.timestampTime Stamp of the ServerServer
timeTime of the Inbound MessageServer
temperatureTemperature of the IndividualCamera: AI
addressPhysical Address of IndividualCamera: User Profile
ageAge of Individual from User ProfileCamera: User Profile
attrAgeAge of Individual (Estimated)Camera: AI
attrGenderGender of IndividualCamera: AI
attrglassWearing Glasses (with, without, not sure)Camera: AI
attrMouthMouth Position (open, closed, not sure)Camera: AI
attrMoustacheFacial Hair (none, whiskers, beard, not sure)Camera: AI
attrSkinColorSkin Color (yellow, white, black, invalid, not sure)Camera: AI
attrSmileSmile Detected (invalid)Camera: AI
featureFacial Features for Facial RecognitionCamera: AI
emailEmail AddressCamera: User Profile
imageA photograph at the time of the temperature scan (if profile in camera, profile & current images sent). Image data payload is base64 with a resolution of 1920*1080PCamera
livenessLiving Human Detected (0-living, 1-Cost of living,2-Living creatures, Other values-Living creatures detect abnormal)Camera: AI
nameName of IndividualCamera: User Profile
personIdID Number 1Camera: User Profile
personUuidID Number 2Camera: User Profile
phonePhone Number of IndividualCamera: User Profile
respiratorMask DetectedCamera: AI
scoreAccuracy of Facial RecognitionCamera: AI
similaritySimilarity between original and scan imageCamera: AI
statusStaff Member Status (Certified, Uncertified)Camera: User Profile
temperatureBody Temperature of individualCamera: AI
timestampTime of Temperature ScanningCamera
TrackidPersonnel Tracking Number (# of times scanned)Camera
useridStaff Member ID #Camera: User Profile