MQTT is a machine-to-machine (M2M)/”Internet of Things” connectivity protocol. It was designed as an extremely lightweight publish/subscribe messaging transport.

MiCOVID CAM uses MQTT to publish device messages when a MiCOVID CAM is triggered from a temperature scan. The MQTT message delivers a JSON string containing data elements captured at the time of device use.

The MiCOVID Cam API can also perform a direct data dump into databases on the AWS, Azure or Google IoT platforms. 

System Integrators, will Subscribe to the MQTT API. They will require a security token, channel ID, username and password to begin their development efforts – along with their specific device IDs. From there the sky is the limits to what the MiCOVID CAM can offer your application development. Here are some ideas…

  • Temperature Validation
  • User Profile Verification
  • Facial Recognition
  • Employee Arrival Time Verification
  • Student Pick Up/Attendance Tracking
  • Alert Notifications
Element Definition Source
camid Camera Identification Name or Number Camera Profile
device.name MQTT Device Name MQTT Channel
channel.id ID of the MQTT Channel MQTT Channel
devid Device ID that sent a message MQTT Channel
devmac MAC Address Camera Profile
devname Device Name Camera
devno Device Label Camera
server.timestamp Time Stamp of the Server Server
time Time of the Inbound Message Server
temperature Temperature of the Individual Camera: AI
address Physical Address of Individual Camera: User Profile
age Age of Individual from User Profile Camera: User Profile
attrAge Age of Individual (Estimated) Camera: AI
attrGender Gender of Individual Camera: AI
attrglass Wearing Glasses (with, without, not sure) Camera: AI
attrMouth Mouth Position (open, closed, not sure) Camera: AI
attrMoustache Facial Hair (none, whiskers, beard, not sure) Camera: AI
attrSkinColor Skin Color (yellow, white, black, invalid, not sure) Camera: AI
attrSmile Smile Detected (invalid) Camera: AI
feature Facial Features for Facial Recognition Camera: AI
email Email Address Camera: User Profile
image A photograph at the time of the temperature scan (if profile in camera, profile & current images sent). Image data payload is base64 with a resolution of 1920*1080P Camera
liveness Living Human Detected (0-living, 1-Cost of living,2-Living creatures, Other values-Living creatures detect abnormal) Camera: AI
name Name of Individual Camera: User Profile
personId ID Number 1 Camera: User Profile
personUuid ID Number 2 Camera: User Profile
phone Phone Number of Individual Camera: User Profile
respirator Mask Detected Camera: AI
score Accuracy of Facial Recognition Camera: AI
similarity Similarity between original and scan image Camera: AI
status Staff Member Status (Certified, Uncertified) Camera: User Profile
temperature Body Temperature of individual Camera: AI
timestamp Time of Temperature Scanning Camera
Trackid Personnel Tracking Number (# of times scanned) Camera
userid Staff Member ID # Camera: User Profile